Only patience & willingness GIVE GOOD RESULTS

Strategic Planning

For our community to be able to compete today and in the future, we must plan ahead and work together to identify key area of interest and provided the education necessary to achieve target objectives.

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Online education

Enjoy your educational experience from anywhere on your computer or mobile device. Your entire educational course work has been made available in digital format for easy access. The world is becoming a global village...

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Specialized Programs

We have put together a custom curriculum that fits individual and community needs to elevate us into the next phase of this global competition - create a new generation of Modern Africans all over the world.

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join us Welcome!

We want to welcome you to our footprint that captures the true essence of education for our community.

programs & groups

Special programs have been crafted to address the social, economic and technological needs of the collective.

funding & resources

We now invite everyone to take part in this community iniative and help build a lasting legacy for future generations.


Our approach focuses on the effects of globalization and it's market mechanism that has become the sole director of the fate of human beings and their natural environment.
The doctrine of corporate branding in the educational system and the pressure of learning to become consumers has brought about poverty, structural disenfrachisement and acute social dislocation.

We are here to change all that!

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